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The Advent of the Internet Search Engine Changed Marketing Forever. The world now has a tool that will go out and find the exact information customers are looking for.

This transpired at a time in my life when I was building my business in Denver by making cold calls and sending faxes to find out if people were interested in my products and services. I simply could not believe that I now could figure out how to make my services and products appear all over the world when people were searching for exactly what I offered! The internet seemed to be the greatest Global Marketing Tool ever. I learned how to optimize my website for the search engines not fully understanding how much this would change my life.

Fast forward a few years later and most of my customers and vendors were asking me how I made my website show up everywhere. I truly Loved this new skill and hence “Global Flex Marketing” was born. The internet was a tool that helped me launch some national and international products.

As the newness of the World Wide Web started to be more than a Global Research tool it became the preferred method for local businesses to target customers in their cities and towns.  The days of starting your business name with AA or AAA so you would be the first listing in the phone book were coming to a halt.

While it is easy to reach customers at long distance using internet marketing the fact remains that people like to find businesses and services in their own local neighborhoods and towns. The success that the search engine marketing / internet marketing has had for our clients is based on several factors.

The Denver Metro Area is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States

When people move to a new area the most powerful marketing tool they have used is gone. When you are new to a town or city you no longer have the kind of word of mouth networking that we become accustomed to when we are an established member of a community. The internet is the first and most prevalent way that new residents find Veterinarians, Eye  Doctors, Mechanics and so much more.

The Advent of the Smart Phone has Increased Local Searches

The smart phone: This tool has revolutionized the  way we shop and find restaurants. I live in Northglenn and my son has a Soccer game in Centennial. After the game we want to go out and have an ice cream. If you sell Ice Cream in Centennial and I can’t find you on my phone chances are the soccer team will be eating at your competitors.

Today’s Consumer is Internet Savvy

The internet is the basic tool used by School children today. The majority of people today have a computer, a tablet or a cell phone. In fact many people have all 3 of these tools. This has transformed the way we interact with each other. It has also changed the way we find and select businesses.

Weather we realize it or not we assign a certain degree of trust and authority to the businesses we see in the top spots when we perform a local search. If you own a business in the Denver Metro area and are ready to make the internet and search engines work for you contact us today.

A Random Meeting with One of Our Clients

One of our clients was quite leery about spending money on internet marketing. They used the majority of their marketing budget on print materials. The print was very geographically targeted. The owners of this business are both highly educated and extremely talented in their field.

We make it a point to stay in touch with all of our clients on a monthly basis. I was quite surprised when I ran into one of the owners who had been very insistent on using print marketing as the primary source   of advertising.

I saw her at the mall and she was so excited explaining how many new clients they had that had just moved to the Westminster area and found them on the internet. The high placement of their business on the search engines combined with great reviews from their customers (including myself) were driving customers to their business.

I was assured the budget for marketing and advertising would look much different for them next year. This is the kind of pay off we strive for at Global Flex Marketing. When we get to watch your business succeed and hear the excitement in peoples voice when they discover the power of the internet assures us we made the right choice when we switched our business to internet marketing years ago.

The reality is that most websites for businesses in the Denver Metro Area are a liability not an asset.  The other reality is that internet marketing is here to stay.

When You Need Internet Marketing that Makes Your Business MONEY… Look No Further. Google and Our Clients Speak for themselves. SEE THE RESULTS!